Laboratories are short “hands-on” courses held by external professionals on topics of their expertise, all connected to the various domains of communication.

Attendance to Laboratories allows to gain credits (3) to complete the 9 credits necessary to graduate.  COM is trying to offer as many Laboratories as possible in English.  Please keep an eye on this page, where you’ll find announcements of Labs reserved to our International students.

Laboratories offered in English in 2017/2018:

Digital Methods, V. Luise.

Old Issues, New Media, L. Bainotti, F. Cretazzo, S. Keeling, S.

How to apply write a mail to

Eligibility: Students currently enrolled to Cdlm in Com. A maximum of 30 students will be admitted.

How to apply : write a mail to

Active attendance is compulsory to the acknowledgement of the credits.

For information on labs in Italian language, see the Italian version of the website.